All the rubbish on the web about adjusting the Bessa R2 rangefinder is about to be cleared up!

I dropped my Bessa R2 and broke the baseplate and some of the internal mechanism, that would be much too complicated to put on the web! while it was apart I thought I might as well check the rangefinder, this is the result. 

The swinging lens moves when the rangefinder cam moves and therefore moves the split image, I think the alignment of this is fixed at maufacture as I can see no way of adjusting this lens from the outside.  To adjust the rangefinder the adjustment lens is moved, left-right for range (infinity) up-down for vertical alignment and back-fore for span (close-far relationship).  These three points can be accessed by removing the hotshoe, lift the trim plate with a pin and slide off, remove the three screws noting their position.  It will be obvious which hole is which.  Funny thing is the adjustment point is nearly the same as  an M6 vertical adjustment point.

Lifting the lid.
Standard procedure with a couple of gotchas, rewind..undo screw in centre then unscrew handle, shutter speed dial..it can be put on two ways and there are two screws at the ends under the 'rubber' cover.

Get some nail varnish! can be had for free if you ask for some out of style colour.
I have never tried to do this with the top on but it must be possible or why would the holes be under the hot shoe.
Slacken the locking screw breaking the locking compound and re-tighten just enough so the lens arm can be moved with a little force on the adjustment point.

The following should be repeated until all is well

1. Adjust infinity with lens set to infinity by moving the adjustment point left-right.
2. Adjust vertical alignment using the vertical alignment screw.
3. Adjust for 1m* with lens set to 1m* by sliding the adjustment point fore-aft.

The first two should be done while looking through the veiwfinder, the last one is fairly fine, i.e. not a lot happens for a large movement, and is best done in a trial and error way.

* I use 1m because most of my close work is here, any other close distance could be used.

When done don't tighten the locking screw any more, it upsets everything, just lock with small spots of nail varinish.