A general view, They sit in the kitchen.  The two middle dials are left an MSF clock and
right my seconds dial.

My swingometer, a half silvered mirror, a lens and vernier scales.  The two wires are for safety in case the
vacuum fails.

What you see through the lens, it's very difficult to use the vernier bit, but possible.

My zero expansion suspension, sort of Harrisons gridiron.

Detail of the cast concrete bracket, a hole would appear in the wall if I tried to pull it off.

The power supply, two Cyclon cells in Tartar sauce jars to look like leclance cells.  The top bit is a charger
and (when I finish programming the PIC inside) a fast/slow meter referenced from Rugby MSF.  Now it's
a syncroniser for the Synchronome part (from Rugby) before the vacuum pendulum was working.

And last but not least my old faithfull 'SpeediVac' pump, found it in a skip, the motor is from a dish washer.
On a good day it will pull 0.1mmHg.