My darkroom.
D3200 VC15mm M6 1 sec f16

A birds eye view of my darkroom.  It is located in my loft space, I have an old house where the roof  is constructed of joists not the modern trusses, so the job of fitting a workshop and darkroom was not that difficult, I even have proper stairs up to it!

The space is 2m by 4m, along one of the 2m sides is my darkroom sink, it has space for 3 16x20 dishes in the shallow part and a wash sink at the RH end, cold water is filtered using a ceramic filter, I didn't bother filtering the hot.  As I only do black and white most processing temperatures are 20C the long pipe run to the sink ensures the first couple of litres are at 20C anyway.  In the centre of the adjoining wall is a DeVere 504 with my LedHead on it, I had to recess the wall here between the chimney breasts to fit it in.  Safelighting is by LEDs,  at the top you can see my washing line, the clutter bottom right is the top of my four draw filing cabinet, stuff that has no place to go.  To reduce the problem of dust a positive pressure system is used.  Filtered air is fed into a vent at floor level opposite the sink, and exits just above the wash sink.  The air handling system is accesible from outside the dark room and includes a heat exchanger fed from the household central heating for comfort.  For summer use I have a small portable air conditioner permenantly fitted below the safe draw just visible on the lower left.  The safe draw is huge, 4 foot by 2 foot and 5 inches deep.