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Huws Home Page 

Just a collection of stuff I have done or am doing, my favorite is my Shortt Synchronome free pendulum clock copy.

 mail server, bt adsl and (this is the best bit) running e-smith (
Web page on mates demon account.


Also called but has a banner.  And mail

Stuff and Projects

Chris of TexKlick and his pictures

Leica IIIb TTL light meter
Yes, an internal light meter for the venerable IIIb

5x4 diffuser Lead Head
And it gets bigger (so does my bill for LEDs)

 LED Lit Enlarger
An enlarger light source from LED's with automatic grade determination from an RH Analyser.

LED safelight
Yet more leds, this time a very bright safe light. 

Capital SP-1 Spot Meter
Cheap spot meter, this is how to make it better.

Bessa R2 rangefinder alignment
How to Align it!

SEI Photometer
Just a start, but the definitive guide to use, repair and tips.  And now the service manual too.

 The insides of an L308B Flashmate

 Silly Pictures
As it says

This is where I go to be alone, in the dark, contemplating, ohhhhh spooky...

Cats Every home should have some

Clocks My Synchronome and free pendulum

Radio DJ-X3 inside!
Big picture, but I love taking things to bits


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